WHAT HYPE Magazine is a biannual publication showcasing the world’s finest young photographers and their finest work. Every issue is centred around a theme and the photographers contribute related photosets. There’s a couple of articles, an introduction and some artist info
and it’s as simple as that. No arty-farty bullshit, no pretentiousness and no high prices; just great photography. WHAT HYPE does the whole ‘indie magazine’ thing honestly and with respect to its readers. It's true - you're our favourite people, and always will be. So enjoy the mag!

JUNE 2013

After our first issue many of our new fans were asking 'what could possibly top this incredible work of publishing?' Well, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves, y'know, but Issue 2 might just be better. With such a theme as diverse as 'The Portrait', approaches range from weird to wonderful and casual to crazy.